Nullarbor Links

World's Longest Golf Course, Australia


17 July 2021

Loved it! difficult, interesting, great talking point.

— Karli Rawlings QLD

5 July 2021

Best Idea ever.
Wonderful initiative to add to the trip accross the NullarborFabalous Well Done.

— Gaye Henderson QLD

30 June 2021

It was fantastic, very different all holes were in good condition.

— Carol Mc Hugh

23 February 2021

Great experience very different,nice to get out of the car. Brilliant idea.

— Jan Erik Jensen Sweden

12 February 2021

All around impressed and it was great to breakup the drive. Nice to finsh at the Kalgoorlie Golf course

— Stefan Vanderflutten Holland

8 February 2021

Fascinating roadhouse staff most helpful and welcoming.

— Jeffery Bowdy SA

25 January 2021

truly enjoyed the experience, very nice to finsh at Kalgoorlie golf course.

— Brad Kmitz WA

26 February 2020

Loved it, very different, but we had a lot of fun. Great idea.

— John Lawrence WA

5 December 2019

Great concept, brilliant way to manage driver fatigue

— Dan Elder Qld

21 November 2019

was an awsome experience, I brought an american friend this time and she also had an awsome time.

— Janet McDowall SA

20 November 2019

It was the most amazing experience I have had on a golf course. I really enjoyed every bit of it.

— Carol MaGrath NSW

5 November 2019

Fantastic, loved the whole experience, thanks to the people who maintain the course.

— Greg Smith NSW

5 September 2019

Very enjoyable, different and a little challenging at times. But overall fantastic.

— Kevin Smith Victoria

2 September 2019

Brilliant, Challenging, could not land on the greens. Kept the driver awake, having to stop. Safe driving

— Michael Boyd Victoria

5 August 2019

We have never played golf before, but it was so much fun, the staff at the Roadhouses were lovely to deal with.

— Jeffery Armstrong QLD

26 July 2019

an absolute amazing venture, the scenery is perfect for every hole. Well laid out course.

— Gary and Gloria Sale WA

20 June 2019

Loved the concept and the course. A great way to break up the drive and have a look around.

— Brian Goyden Victoria

18 June 2019

A very difficult course particularly with the ball pinching crows at Dingo's Den Kalgoorlie
golf course brilliant.

— Wayne McMillan NSW

1 June 2019

A most enjoyable course to play, I thing the course is looking better than 3 years ago.

— Merle Morris WA

22 June 2018

Spent 5 Days
Great Idea, Course was great Some holes clear some rugged. Crows were vicious.

— John Ovenden Kiama Downs NSW

15 May 2018

Spent one week.
We thought it was heaps of fun and it broke up our journey. A thoughly enjoyable experience that add magnificently to the journey across.

— Judy and Ken Holmes Werribee Vic

14 May 2018

Spent 2 weeks.
Fantastic Course and plenty of great camps and parks alonf the way. All the tourist info centres were excellent and helpful.

— Kim and Tony Winduss Swan Reach Vic

14 May 2018

Spent 10 days.
It's an experience that should be on every golfer's bucket list. very challenging and great.

— Steve Hemsley Hampton Park Victoria

14 May 2018

Spent 5 Days.
Excellent concept, different and enjoyable.
Would recommend.

— Kay Derham Twin Waters QLD

9 May 2018

Spent 4 Days
Great Variety of holes and very memorable.
Finished at Kalgoorlie and what a course.

— Graham Woolacott Highfields QLD

1 May 2018

Spent 3 days
A very unique course. A must do.

— Peter Ralph Newcastle NSW

1 May 2018

Spend 2 Weeks.
Lots of fun and laughter, frustrating, great to meet other travellers.

— Kerryn & Tony Myers Axedale Victoria

12 April 2018

spent 4 days
Enjoyable Experience Kids loved it as well.
Suprisingly I did not loose many balls at all.

— Adam Harwood Bulli NSW

3 April 2018

spent 10 days
A bit rough But great and a lot of fun, broke up the trip and relaxed us

— Graham Corbett Eatham Vic

31 March 2018

Spent 5 days
Broke up the trip across the NUllarbor.
It was good fun, enjoyed the nature and wildlife.

— Ethan Pay Parkes NSW

19 February 2018

Spent 6 days
What a great concept. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. Relaxing fun way to cross the Nullarbor and able to meet some of the locals. Seriously the whole thing was a total blast.

— Andrew Rout Queensland

18 February 2018

Spent 3 days
Great idea, stopped in places, I may not have. So glad I did.

— Craig Hart Scotland

5 January 2018

Spent 2 days.
Really good fun, good way to break up the trip and discover the places along the way.
Some are more loved than others, but this adds to the adventure. Thank you.

— Meagan Carvelle Lockridge WA

20 April 2017

What a special week it was .With fun camaraderie and friendships made, the shared experiences and wonderful times.
Eclipsed the questionable golf we played

— Mary Anne and John Bowler WA

19 April 2017

It was a wonderful experience to enjoy playing “Chasing theSun” with so many nice people.

— Stacey abd Craig Kramer NSW

18 April 2017

We came along for the entertainment. So glad we did, loved it and had a fantastic time.

— Helen & Wally Paul WA

17 April 2017

Loved every moment of the tournament , Bernie Scott the Entertainer is a wonderful dag

— Ron and Corrine Reside WA

17 April 2017

All over it was great, an unforgettable experience We loved it. Thinking about coming back for the 10th anniversary in 2019

— Kirsten Redeifs Germany

17 April 2017

Absolutely fabulous I enjoy every aspect of the tournament. Congratulations to all involved.

— Meredith Willians SA

16 April 2017

Thank you so much for an enjoyable trip.

— Mabel Crouch Victoria

9 April 2017

I want to thank you for your hospitality and your friendship. It was a great time on the Nullarbor and playing Chasing the Sun” was brilliant. I hope to come back to Australia and meet you again or, maybe, you come to Germany and we meet there.

— Thilo Flueth Germany

25 May 2016

We had one of the most fantastic holidays of our lives, met some great people and will remember it always

— Ralph and Sybil Richardson Vic

23 May 2016

Loved every minute of it. Fantastic atmosphere and comradery between the participants

— Eileen Davies & Jim Burnett WA

22 May 2016

Loved it, a very good trip thank you.
Loved the golf course throughout
Loved the scenery and the food.
Loved the Entertainment
Loved that people were friendly on the tour.
Loved Kalgoorlie golf course and the Rydges

— Tony and Diane Tolcher QLD

21 May 2016

It was a fantastic adventure for all of us, and we have been spreading
the word. For me the strongest memories are of the kindness shown to us by so many people - the
members of Ceduna Golf Club serving us a dawn breakfast, the good townsfolk of Norseman putting
on a wonderful drover's dinner, the helpfulness of all at Kalgoorlie GC, the generosity of Houghton
wines, etc, etc. As you say Bernie was an amazing discovery (and is he just now discovering his own
hidden talents?), and it is great you have locked him in to next year's program.
Overall, I thought this year's format was brilliant,

— Sandy and Ro Elliott NSW

21 May 2016

We are reminiscing about our unique adventure and the friends we made along the way.

— Nerissa and Gerry Carr-Boyd

18 May 2016

I feel like I want to join you again!!!!
Thanks for a great time, you put so much time and effort into it.
Believe me I know as I have held many functions and also organised weekend
golf trips and I know how much effort goes into that so I can only imagine
what you put into a whole week. Kind regards to you, Paula and the team

— Elly and Eddie Squire QLD

17 May 2016

The experience was unique and we are thrilled to have participated
The course is unique and the people generally were just great to meet and talk to and down a few drinks with!
Bernie was a wonderful breath of fresh air and will go down again well next year.

— Jeff and Carol Raberg NSW

12 May 2016

We had such a great time and thank you and your
Committee for a wonderful experience like no other!
We have told many of our friends from bowls and our golf clubs about our trip and I
would think that they will be very interested for next year! Our high regard for you and Paula
throughout the trip is testament to your great hospitality towards each and every one of us.
You are a very patient man Alf and it has been a pleasure to meet you both.

— Margie and John Mcleish WA

7 May 2016

This is a great concept, well done Alf and Committee.
- We have made a number of new friends, and hopefully over time these friendships will continue.
- Bernie Scott, what an absolute hoot! The best all round entertainer we have seen for a long time,
also a golfer, and a genuine nice bloke. Please try to keep him on the Tour.
- Jeff Richardson "Drone Man" what a great effort he put in, up early, late to bed, editing and also a
really friendly nice guy, can't wait to see the finished product (DVD)
- We enjoyed the golf a bit different to what we are used to, especially the "sand " greens many
unusual challenges but certainly well worth the effort. Kalgoorlie was a joy to play after the others.

— Margaret and Richard Lloyd NSW

7 October 2015

Hi Alf.
. Have just returned to WA after playing our way over the Nullarbor and then on to the Murray River for more golf We had so much fun on the Nullarbor Links. Many lost balls and many laughs. 4 in the one car could have been a bit testy but thanks to the laughter along the way we all got on very well. The crow at Nullarbor we think must have departed to further fields as luckily no sign although on the way hole we had a hit at Caiguna and crows there helped themselves to a couple of nicely coloured balls.
It was a great experience and I just wanted to say thanks for all the thought you and the team put into it.

Good luck and again thanks we had a ball{lost a few too}.

Cheers Sally Campbell

— Sally Campbell WA

26 May 2015

What an amazing tournament!
What started off as a tribute to a great father in law and dad John who spoke very highly of Chasing the Sun and wanted us to experience it for ourselves and that we did.
Not only did we make him proud but we also made a lifetime of memories and friendships, there was laughter, tears and many stories told. A trip we will hold close to our hearts so to you and your wonderful crew, we thank you. Will definitely we back again!
Raelee and Kasee

— Raelee Oates Qld

26 May 2015

What a wonderful experience the 2015 Chase the Sun was for Den, myself our the rest of our team.
Thank you so much for an event of a lifetime. We have done a lot of things but this trip is right up there with the best. The club being involved in a small way added to the enjoyment of adventure.

Thank you for all you did to make this such a great experience.

Dags & the Wench

— Barry and Denise Degenhardt Qld

13 May 2015

Well Alf congratulations to you and your helpers for the organization that when into a thoroughly enjoyable experience, Chasing the Sun 2015. Of course Ha and Nga will remember it always, for both of them and me, it was greatly relaxing and a pretty wonderful way of crossing the Nullarbor. Once again thanks Alf unforgettable

— Kim Wells, Ha Quan, Nga Vo. Vietnam

4 May 2015

Hello Alf,
Ian & I arrived home this afternoon after yet another great 'Chasing the Sun Golf Tournament'. lots of laughs & camaraderie. great lasting memories.

— Ian and Yvonne Hillard

4 May 2015

HI Alf... What a trip it was!! l loved every minute and could have done more.
a marvellous way to see the Nullabor with so many lovely people.

You did a fantastic job of organising everything.don't know how you do it.
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.
l will never forget it!!.Joyce Z.

— Joyce Ziesmer Qld

4 May 2015

We had a wonderful and most enjoyable week. The event was well organized, with a group of people from all over Australia and the world mixing and socialising like one big happy family. Congratulations Alf Kevin and the team. Well done a week we will never forget.

— Ross and Terrie Plummer NSW

4 May 2015

Thank you for a great golfing week. We fitted so much in but very enjoyable.

— Richard and Cooleen Carberry Qld

4 May 2015

Thank you we had a great time and leave with wonderful memories.

— Phil and Karen Wozniak Qld

4 May 2015

Congratulations on a terrific golfing event 2015.

— Heather Charlton WA

4 May 2015

Just a note to thank you and your committee, for the most enjoyable, challenging and rewarding week, “Chasing the Sun 2015”. Thank again for a memorable week.

— Ros and Terry Heilman NSW.

4 May 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in Chasing the Sun 2015. It was amazing.

— John Cobbett WA

4 May 2015

In America we rarely use the word Brilliant.
Chasing the Sun 2015 was Brilliant.

— Bill Brose Maryland USA.

5 December 2014

"we loved Auz, the highlight being Nullarbor Links. The course far exceeded our expectations and was well and truly worth the effort to come from Cyrpus. The people we met on the course and on the highway, were really friendly, that made our round of golf more enjoyable. Sam and I love golf and this round will stick in our memory as special. We will be telling all our friends at our golf club in Crypus".

— Sam and Kathy Lawson Cyprus

12 November 2013

All entertainment was well organised and enjoyed by all.
I would like to make special mention about "Flip", he kept everyone entertained for hours and was a huge hit with us all.

— Chris Brown Karrartha West Australia

19 October 2013

Loved it each hole was unique, a wonderful experience great group of people.
Thank you for having me along will hold fond memories.

— Allan Wright South Australia

16 October 2013

chasing the sun was an excellent golf Festival and Entertainment.

— Bob Carlier South Australia

15 October 2013

Chasing the Sun was a fantastic concept and experience . I am already spruiking the festival to people for next year.

— Scott Apsey Kalgoorlie

14 October 2013

The course is challenging and fun, an experience all travellers should partake of.
a week to remember glad we came.

— Ian Hilliard Queensland

12 October 2013

I'm an non golfer. so from a spectator's perspective. The whole concept is brilliant, with each hole unique while showcasing the Nullarbor's ruggered beauty.
We thoroughly enjoyed the whole time "chasing the sun"

— Yvonne Hillard Queensland

12 October 2013

Finally from Browny and myself, we thank you
for helping our week be an amazing experience, which we will laugh and joke about for many years to come

— Chis and Scott's final words.

10 November 2012

I found the "chasing the sun" experience fantasti.I loved the whole format, meeting the locals, the oyster fest, BBQ's, and whale watching. Its a great way to see Southern Australia.
Please give my thanks to everyone who helped organize it and for making it such a success.

— Keith Clarke West Midlands United Kingdom

8 November 2012

Alf thank you for Chasing the Sun golf Festival. We all had a wonderful time.
I did not hear one complaint.

Just keep doing what you are doing and you will go from strength to strength.

— Ross Selig Windsor NSW

1 November 2012

Great concept.
it took us 7 Days.
There is a view that the stop overs help reduce accidenta and driver fatigue.
this could be promoted.
The rough holes are not for the faint hearted.
The nullarbor drive has few diversions it needs the concept.

— Keith Russell Hallidays Point NSW.

21 October 2012

I will never forget my experiences in the Chasing the Sun Festival - it was excellent, and made even sweeter for me by coming first! Something I never expected.

Your joviality and warmth was an inspiration, and the world at large should be very grateful to you and your team for keeping this fabulous concept alive.

— Nigel Clark Auckland New Zealand.

18 October 2012

Our second Chasing the Sun festival and we loved every minute of it. We cannot find anything to change.

— John and Jennifer Marxsen. Gladstone Queensland.

14 October 2012

Hi Alf, Just a note to say how we enjoyed the pleasure of playing the course. It was a real life experience and we would like to say the planning and the development is great. Very impressed with the way things have been organized. Just one small criticism was that a couple of holes were made very difficult with the course blue metal surrounding the green.Maybe a little thought be given to making it of sand or some type of finer metal. Not a complaint just a suggestion. Once again heaps of praise for the course.
Thanks for the opportunity to play,
Jack. Bertoli.

— Jack Bertoli West Australia

10 October 2012

The golf became secondary to meeting new people and socializing, Great.

Night time events AAAArgh litte windy and cold this year.

There is always a supprise on the course

— Patti Law Kalgoorlie WA

6 October 2012

Chasing the Sun golf Festival is certainly challenging. Great concept.Glad I took the time to play. I will certainly recommend it to others.

— Janice Geeves Windsor NSW

23 August 2012

Had a lot of fun, its a great way to break up the journey and see the native flora and fauna.

— Margaret Campbell Port headland WA

23 August 2012

Lots of Fun, added interest to a long drive, made us stop at some great little places. Really enjoyed the scenery at each hole. Good companionship talking the other golfers along the course.

— Leonie Fulton Kensington NSW

13 July 2012

We took 9 days. We found the course challenging and interesting. From a tourism point of view it gives one an oportunity to see the flora and fauna from a different point of view

— Shirley Freitog Cardup WA

13 July 2012

14 Days and wqe loved it. Very interesting,
each hole was well sign posted and easy to find. People and staff at each stop were very friendly and helpful. It was avery enloyable experience.
As mention above we loved it wombat holes and all. No- don't change the wombat holes.

— Ian & Yvonne Greenhow Saville Grove WA

2 July 2012

My brother and I have been watching Nullarbor Links since its opening.
We have recently become members,so we decided with a few friends to play the course.
With our car we travelled to Perth on the Indian Pacific. we plan to look around Perth and the South West and then play Nullarbor Links.

We are excited about playing the course.

— Bob Lister Vic

22 June 2012

5 days The course kept the drive interesting.
the holes are easy to find.
had a little trouble obtaining stamps.

— Christina McLauchlan Fremantle WA

21 June 2012

We stoppedat places we would never have stopped at. It was challenging and lots of fun.

— Delma Leesan East Doncaster Vic

20 June 2012

We took 3 days I thinks it a great idea to break up your trip.
I enjoyed it very much.

— Conway Haftlea New Zealand

9 June 2012

We took 16 Days "Excellent" A fun activity, we look forward to each hole.
All fairways and geens were very well maintained.

— Rob & Cheryl Donkers Hamilton Vic

17 November 2011

Don't know if you get much feedback, but I have to say what a great idea. been over and back a few times and enjoyed the ride. But this made me slow down, smell the watever was there and happily spend a few bob at each stop. Every one was happy. Congratulations to all.
One suggestion is have a facality for date on the certificate.

— Nigel Lilley Shelley WA

17 November 2011

Ken and I have just arrived home from WA.
Of course the highlight of the trip was "Chasing the Sun Golf Festival".
We had a wonderful time and really do
congratulate you on your efforts.

— Ken and Louise Farrar Wodonga Victoria

4 November 2011

Played in "chasing the Sun"
Great concept enjoyed the competition and Functions.
We will be back. Well done keep it up.

— John Marxsen Gladstone Qld.

31 October 2011

There is no doubt about the uniqueness of your Nullabor Links Chasing the Sun Competition. Congratulation for the very fine event.

I did enjoy the experience, and I'll encourage others to participate in future events.

— Peter Robinson SA

27 October 2011

A decidedly different way to see and experience the Nullarbor and rediscover the deficiences of my golf swing.

Congratulations on the orginzation of "Chasing the Sun golf Festival" a great experience and enjoyable journey with great people.

— Brian Atkin Perth WA

23 October 2011

Chasing the Sun Golf Festival was GREAT from go to woe! Thanks again to you (and Paula of course!),
Kevin and Bev for ferrying us everywhere and making sure we got to wherever; Marg & Eric and Marg and Bob for their friendship - you all did a wonderful job!

— Annie Rogers The GAp QLD

8 October 2011

A very enjoyable event, good entertainment and lots to see good social company.

— Bryan Reynolds

21 July 2011

We have just finished playing Nullarbor Links.
WE played from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie and had a fabulous time doing it. Lost a ball down the wombat hole on the fairway at Dingo's den Nullarbor.
Thanks everone involved with setting it up.
We will recommend to everyone we hear crossing the Nullarbor.

— Michael & Janet Kuilboer

27 June 2011

I was chatting to a guy today who has played the longest golf course in world and everything he said is shown on your website.

What an awesome thing to try to have a go at, only if you can play golf !!!

One day I will travel from Ceduna to Kalgoolie and have a lash at it

Great website


Tony Roberts

— Tony Roberts Woree Queensland

27 April 2011

Morning Alf,

Just thought I'd let you know that my son (Felix, aged 9) and I completed the Nullarbor Links last week - and had a fantastic time.

I was quite pleased to score 90 with only a 5-iron, 7-iron, wedge and putter - but not nearly as excited as Felix who beat me by 2! There was plenty of (good humoured) tension as we hit off at Ceduna for the last 2 holes with just a shot between us...
Highlight for Felix was no doubt Norseman where on both holes he holed from off the green!

We only saw a few other golfers but all were certainly enjoying the unique experience. One gave us the tip to spray aeroguard on our balls at Nullarbor to stop the crow taking them, and it seemed to work.

So we will now be spreading the word and thank you for putting together such an experience.


— Angus Jones

7 December 2010

All Great except Kalgoorlie holes, Which have Dress Standards and time Slots.

— Peter Eves Townsville Qld

7 December 2010

Very interesting golf course Lots of fun to play

— John & Rhonda Hodgson

1 December 2010

Its a wonderful idea and perfect for those who have time. the course is fun and people do stop. and the course can only gather pace.
The promotion is excellent and the enthusiasm in Norseman, Kalgoorlie,Ceduna visitors centres and along the way is strong.
It really is a great idea and wonderfully promoted.

— Raymond H Cavenagh Decwhy NSW

30 November 2010

An excellent way to cross the Nullarbor. We saw things we would not have seen.I got a good feel for the country by walking throught to the golf holes.

— Alan Cavenagh

20 November 2010

Fantastic well done all. Last time we did the nullarbor it was a needs must get home very quickly and the Nullarbor was a blur. I was so good to take our time (6 days) this time. We really enjoyed all the hidden corners. the fairways were sometimes interesting but that is all aprt of it. top marks to the artificial greens.

— Len & Terrie Parsons Bargbara Qld.

4 November 2010

We were amazed at what a difference the course made to our feeling of wellbeing and alterness on the drive. a great concept, we laughted a lot and swore a lot.
all in all it was most enjoyable.

— Christine and Eddie Kostrzewa Mt Hutton NSW.

29 October 2010

Great fun, challenging for both golfers and non golfers. Great oportunity to meet people from different places and stop at locations we mignt not have stop otherwise.

— John Smith and Vicki Russell Millfield NSW

27 October 2010

Overal an interesting and fun course that reduces the monatony of a long drive.

— Edwin Forth Noosaville QLD

15 October 2010

If you like a golfing Challenge this is it.
Some of the holes were well signed posted others not so. The synthetic Greens and Tees were great.

— Peter Corke Gladstone QLD

8 October 2010

I think the pars on the course are unrealestic I doubt Tiger Woods would complete this course on Par. Other wise I enjoyed my nullarbor crossing and the game.

— Mike Dunn Parkwood WA

2 September 2010

Very challenging But a lot of fun.

— Allen Harris Morphett Vale SA

25 August 2010

I think this is a great initiative and certainly breaks up the journey. I really enjoyed the golf and my wife enjoyed the walks.

— Ron Cant East Maitland

20 August 2010

Great concept. Takes the trip and makes it more pleasureable. Very very good really enjoyed it

— Chris Boon Geraldton WA

2 August 2010

Great Concept Breaks the journey. Very challenging.

— Ray Walsh Port Broughton SA

28 July 2010

My wife and I think the concept is great.
We had a lot of fun and consider it a great experience.

— John Woodhouse Turramurra NSW

26 July 2010

Great Concept encourages participanrs to stop and see the senery. Also makes you stop at places normally avoided Ie Fraser Range Station "great little Secret"

— Cec Holman Harvey WA

15 July 2010

I really like the idea of the course.Enjoyed the fact that it broke up the drive.
All in all a very challenging golf course.

— Jon Wilksch Great Western Victoria

9 July 2010

It was wonderful Broke the trip up.
saved bordom

— Nola Fordham Moe Victoria

7 July 2010

An experience. Leave it as it is. A unique course.

— Will Dean Rockingham WA

31 March 2010

What a tremendous concept. We went to places we have'nt stayed before. especially Fraser Range. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of each hole.

— John Powell Harvey WA

26 March 2010

Certainly a challenge, a great thing to do Breaks up the journey.

— Kevin & Judy Barter Port Douglas QLD

20 March 2010

Brilliant concept. Some greens difficult to see from the tee.

— Tom Totten Huntingdale WA

20 March 2010

Most fun I have had golfing in years. I wish I could do it again. To see if I could improve my score.
Thank God the score does'nt count.
Supply a shot gun at Dingo's Den Little bugger got 2 on me.

— Ian and Karen Campbell PERTH CANADA

19 March 2010

It was a lot of fun and it helped break up the driving.

— Karleen Allen Bulli NSW

26 February 2010

The cups tend to be a little raised and hard to get the ball into. Otherwise a wonderful experience.

— Noel & Betty Bultitude Woolgoolga NSW

26 February 2010

The worst golf course we have ever played.
Sack the groundsman. BUT the most rewarding,regardless of conditions the par for this course should be around 100-120.

— Graeme & Olive Walton Gordon brook QLD

2 February 2010

Great concept very much enjoyed it an excellent way to break up the journey.
Defenitely should be kept as rustic as it is.
keep it amusing.

— Ben freeman Adelaide SA

29 January 2010

Great fun for non Golfers.
Just play for the fun of it, not to win

— Ken Sattler & Kathy Corrigan Redhead NSW

20 January 2010

A really wonderful concept.
I am sure it will boost tourism and reduce fatal and bad smashes on the nullarbor.
Congratalations to all concern.

— Howard Evans East Cannington WA

20 January 2010

Very nice initative.
Overall well managed.
Exept for Kambalda ( no Stamp)
rubish arounnd Border Village.
Keep it up and keep it going.
Please teach the crow at Nullarbor some golfing manners.

— Bou Peters Zanzibar Tanzania

18 January 2010

Fantastic!! it breaks up the long trip.
I enjoyed the course My caddies ( Wife and Children) had fun wandering with me.
The different locations made it very exciting

— Thomas Joynes Perth WA

16 January 2010

Very enjoyable, I used lots of colourful language. Had great fun.
Keep it as it is.

— Bernie Donchi Telegraphic Point NSW

12 January 2010

A most Challenging Experience.
Starting 44 Dregee heat in Kalgoorlie.
Slight rain at Eucla.
Absolutely drenched at Nundroo.
A lovely day at Ceduna.
Did'nt do much for the handicap.
Great fun worth doing again.

— Pamela Kerr Geraldton WA.

7 January 2010

Fantastic. A really great way to get an appriciation of the Nullarbor.
I thought the links was a true reflection of it's environment.

The hospitality was fantastic along the course.

— Damian Pyle Traralgon Victoria

2 January 2010

My congratulations to all concerned in the creation of something completely Australian, i.e. The Nullarbor Golf Course.

I feel that after playing the course twice, all golfers should play it. To appreciate the overall playing conditions and character of this truly Australian golf course.

Yours Etc.

Member No. 52

Michael Sykes

29 Namoi St.

Manilla NSW 2346.

— Michael Sykes NSW

23 December 2009

My husband has been keen to drive from Adelaide to Perth for years. I didn't facy the drive without a different activity.
Nullarbor Links captured my imagination. So here we are.
I thought the Synthetic greens and information boards were very good.
Brumby's rum par 3 at Madura very pretty hole nicely created.

— Licette Gus Glosgow UK

21 December 2009

It's a great Idea, breaks up the trip.
It is something that every golfer should do at least once.

— Andrew and Adam Pyc Kallaroo WA

20 November 2009

Brilliant concept. Very impressed with Synthetic Greens. impressed with facalities including the lunch shelters, The project committee should be complimented.

— Peter & Kathy Melsom Booragoon WA

19 November 2009

Great concept, excuse to exercise when one stops. All in all very positive experience.

— Gary Wright Narraweena NSW

17 November 2009

Great course Great Idea Good way to break up a long drive.

— lance Williams Eglington NSW

17 November 2009

Hi Alf

Just want to congratulate you on the vision you had to create something that is so unusual and so rewarding for the townships across the Nullabor

We, amongst many other hundreds of people, have been “forwarding” your website to all we know to promote what will become an Aussie Icon

Great job!

Thank you!

Bob & Lorraine

Gray nomads travelling Australia with our golf clubs!

— Bob and Lorraine Sidgwick

10 November 2009

Great Experience overall while caravaning across with friends.
Ceduna info staff were expecially helpful.

— Keith Welsh Mt Warren Qld

5 November 2009

Hi Alf,
Thought I would let you know that we completed the Nullabor Links yesterday and loved doing it. We did the round trip from Norseman to Kalgoorlie and got our certificate at Ceduna. It was a great way to cross the Nullabor. It took your mind off the long endless road. Some of the holes were incredible. Congratulations to you for your effort. We think it will be a great success. Thanks for suggesting we drive to Kalgoorlie to start it.
Regards Bob and Trish

— Bob & Trish

30 October 2009


Both yourself and Dan Harrington should be extremely proud of your achievements and deserve recognition for your hard work, your foresight and determination with Nullarbor Links. All those who shared your ideas and made them come true, should also be proud of their achievements. You have given people another reason to enjoy the vast and beautiful Nullarbor Plains, Australia thanks you for that. If I have the opportunity in the future I will play it, "although don't laugh, my score is more handicapped then I, I have epilepsy".
From one hacker to great golfers

— Shane & Louise

27 October 2009

Very interesting and challanging, Great ideas
Loved playing the course it made the trip very pleasant..

— Vanessa Holman WA

26 October 2009

We really enjoyed the course although our scores were a little to be desired.
We strike strong winds onsome holes which made them harder. The scrub around some par 3 made them challinging. The march flies at Border Village were unique and the grass seed at Eucla were uncomfortable. But all in all it got us out of the car for execise to break up the trip.Enjoyed the Synthetic greens. The certificate at the end were great.

— Doug Twelftree SA.

25 October 2009

Quite an experince I enjoyed it. Greens were well done even the black sand ones. Great Idea Should be more advertisment.
Great walking to work the knees.

— Peter McCormick WA

15 October 2009

Great fun
Very Informative
Incredible Experience
I learnt so much about the Nullarbor, that i would outherwise never have learnt.

— Chris Lindsey Vic

14 October 2009

Congratlations to those responsible for the concept- Brillant.
On the side, We were disapointed on the lack of signage as soon as we crossed from into South Australia. I gusses a gun to shoot the crow would be out of the question.
Having said all that it was great fun despite gale force winds and driving rain and losing 5 balls.

— Bette Bowes and Val Stark NSW

8 October 2009

Great concept forcing breaks in the drive.
Congratlations on a great Idea.

— Scott Tinsley NSW

8 October 2009

A very different golf course.
Difficult on some holes Ie Wombat Hole, Dingo's Den. Enjoyable- with heaps of laughs espicially when the crow flew off with 5 balls ( 3 brand new ).
Wonderful Greens once used to them.
Congratulations on achieving this dream.

— Bill and Brenda Ivey WA

7 October 2009

Different. ( leave as is )
2 Great Concept
Lots of fun
Holes need to be reset in some greens
due to raised lips showing and upseting entry to the hole
Shoot the crow at Nullarbor ( just Joking)

— Arthur Davies and Chris Nelson

7 October 2009

Very interesting.
Shoot the Crow at Nullarbor.

— Rob Martin NSW

5 October 2009

One of the best Golfing Experiences of my life. Don't change anthing about this course.
Just let grow with time.

— Don Hutchinson WA

4 October 2009

A wonderful experience and adventure.
Great way to cross the Nullarbor
Fasanating, to watch the Nullarbor Crow in action.
Will recomend to family and friends

— John and Sandra Wilkinson Qld

3 October 2009

Fantastic Concept.
Made all the difference to crossing the Nullarbor. We learned so much and found out so much we would not have otherwise known.

— Barry & Mary King Bribie Island

29 September 2009

Kill the crow and fill in the rabbit hole at Nullarbor

— Graeme Cunningham Vic

26 September 2009

As a non Golfer I found it enjoyable tackling every fairway.
The staff at each tee were very helpful.
At one roadhouse, Mundrabilla I think, the lady has a white board with the current score to beat I felt this was encouraging.

— Pat Mc Ewan

25 September 2009

Nullarbor roadhouse hole shoud be called "the crows". That bloody crow pinched all our balls. I think its a wonderful concept, as it get people out of the car and do some exercise.But it needs to be made a little eaiser ( this is a female point of view).

— Di Clifton VIC

23 September 2009

A wonderful conception. Some hole were like nothing I had ever experienced before.
I will recomend to friends, members and golfers in the clubs where ever I visit to give this a go. I am sure it will be a great discussion item and somrething that will remain in my memory for ever.

— Frank Walker TAS

21 September 2009

Love the concept and met some great people.Balladonia was a challange and a nightmare expecially for non golfers.

— David and Trudy Rutty

20 September 2009

Hi Alf,

A few weeks ago I phoned you from Brisbane when my wife and I were contemplating playing the Nullarbor Links during our drive back to Perth.

I’m happy to report that we completed the course during the past week, and had a ton of fun doing it. As middling golfers, we encountered every hazard, which added to the enjoyment of it all.

Although we’ve crossed the Nullarbor several times over the years, and thought we know a lot about it, this time was a whole new learning experience for us.

You, and all those associated with the development of the Links from concept to reality over the 5-year period, are to be commended for your persistence and what you have achieved thus far. I understand that, to date, about 70 have now played the course, and it does not officially open until next month! We’re sure it will be a great success as more people hear about it. Congratulations, and all the best for next month’s tournament!

I thought you might be interested in some notes we made along the way (see attached), which I’ve excerpted from a compilation we put together for friends, which contains our notes and photos, combined with what you’ve made available on the website.

Regards & best wishes,

Ken and Anne Bird

— ken and Ann Bird

1 September 2009

would just like to say that our group had the pleasure of playing the course starting on the 15th August and we believe we are probably the first Kiwi’s to complete it. It really made driving that distance very enjoyable, guessing what the next hole will be. There were challenges and as we were 3 men and 3 women, we did feel the men had an advantage over us. We also suggested changing Wombat Hole to Crows nest after loosing 8 balls to the resident crow. The Road House could make a profit if they find the nest.

I am attaching a photo of us Teeing off. Thanks for the idea.


Helen Chegwin

5 Coral Court, Gulf Harbour


Phone: +64 9(0) 424 0082


mobile: +64(0)210366217

— Helen Xtra

12 August 2009

When we first heard of the concept maybe 2 years ago, we wondered. Now we have played a couple of holes on the way over from Ceduna, and it looks like being great for tourism. While incomplete when we played the holes, we found some holes were difficult to locate due to an absence of signs, I hope this will not deter foreigners. When I first enquired at Ceduna in July, the information centre had no idea about the concept, except it would start in October. I expect that this would be rectified automatically, once the program develops.
Congratulations to you and your members for staying the course, and pressing on with the concept. I will try a few more holes on the way back later in August. I wish you all great success,
ken fisher

— Ken Fisher