Nullarbor Links

World's Longest Golf Course, Australia

Course layout

To play the course, purchase a score card from the Ceduna visitor’s centre, the Norseman visitor’s centre or the Kalgoorlie visitor’s centre. The cost for the whole round is only $70 plus an $8 maintenance fee.

For the sake of our environment and to keep Nullarbor Links in top condition: Please don't drive vehicles on the fairways. Also please tee your golf ball up on the fairways.

Click on a hole for more details, information and photos from the region or begin the tour at Hole 1.

You may also choose to view the course records, or visit the photo gallery.

[Course layout] Hole 1: Oyster Beds Hole 2: Denial Bay Hole 3: Windmills Hole 4: Wombat Hole Hole 5: Dingo's Den Hole 6: Border Kangaroo Hole 7: Nullarbor Nymph Hole 8: Watering Hole Hole 9: Brumby's Run Hole 10: Eagles Nest Hole 11: 90 Mile Straight Hole 12: Skylab Hole 13: Golden Horse Hole 14: Ngadju Hole 15: Golden Eagle Hole 16: Silver Lake Hole 17: Golden Mile Hole 18: CY O'Connor